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Since 1988 in the sector of frames & constructions

We operate and produce frames, trying constantly to keep our principles unchanged:

Meeting the needs of our customers with Quality, Safety, Economy!

Frames produced in Greece, with the certification of the  “GREEK COMPANY” organization

Our advantages

Wide range of Frame systems

Top Quality and Technology
PVC and Aluminum frames, from Greek and German brands

Acrylcolor & SMOOVIO Innovation
The innovative technologies of Gealan's PVC frames guarantee maximum durability and safety
Quality & Economy
We design the solution that fully meets the customer's needs with quality, safety and economy in mind!
Construction Experience

We have one of the most modern production facilities in Greece and over 36 years of manufacturing know-how.

Integrated Solutions
We manufacture PVC & Aluminum frames, special constructions such as pergolas and doors covering, every architectural requirement.
Continuous Evolution
We follow trends in the global market, apply the most modern technologies & we constantly improve the quality of our products

Innovative technologies from ELKO


New Technology PVC Frames serie


Innovative technology


Innovative technology