PVC Window Systems

Simply beautiful windowsGEALAN-KUBUS®

The GEALAN-KUBUS® system defines a new design language for PVC windows in architecture. More light and transparency from the large glass surfaces open up new design possibilities. On the inside, the new system convinces with a flush view without disturbing joints, while on the outside, the right-angled overlap underscores the harmonious overall impression.

The design-oriented GEALAN-KUBUS® window system opens up maximum design possibilities for architects and thus new perspectives. Whether with a 100% visible, semi-concealed or almost invisible frame, the proportions are created that leave an impression.

A class of its ownGEALAN-LINEAR®

The new development in the 74 mm segment meets the highest demands on a profile in terms of design, performance, economy and versatility. This is how GEALAN-LINEAR® sets new standards.

The 74-mm technology, a further development in the 70-mm segment, ensures high stability with modern functional glass and, thanks to the multi-chamber construction, provides more safety, sound insulation and thermal insulation. The versatility of the system is complemented by the straight-line design, thus following the minimalist trend of modern architecture.

A state-of-the-art systemGEALAN S 9000 window system 

The S 9000 is a versatile, state-of-the-art system for windows, doors, and lift-slide doors, with a choice of two or three sealing levels.


During development of GEALAN-LUMAXX®, the entire frame geometry was optimised while the profile widths were compressed to a minimum. The designers paid special attention to achieving a balanced relationship between insulating properties and statics, as well as a perfect interplay of components. The symmetrical effect of the narrow single mullion also adds to the flexibility of use in window construction.

One system, many designsSALAMANDER greenEvolution 


greenEvolution is the sustainable window system for renovating old buildings, refurbishments and new construction projects. The right style can be provided for every type of window, from Wilhelminian area window frames to modern, storey-high all-glass windows: glazing bars, single or double-sash windows with or without fixed glazing.

With greenEvolution, a window becomes your personal window. Five different sashes are available for this profile system. Thay can be highly individualized with decor or aluminium shells to fit perfectly to your façade and interior preferences.

The window of the futureSALAMANDER bluEvolution 92 


Future systems from Salamander: these combine outstanding energy savings and innovative sealing technology at the highest level and are ideally suited as components for passive houses. 

The bluEvolution 92 profile system combines cutting-edge technology with a modern, functional design to create a new generation of first-class windows. The optimized 6-chamber construction with a basic depth of 92 mm provides outstanding thermal insulation and the best energy efficiency. Combined with a slim face width of only 118 mm, solar gains through high light incidence and the ecological sustainability of a 100% recyclable PVC-U, it is one of the future systems from Salamander.

Aluminum Window Systems

SlidingALUMIL - M630 PHOS


Thermally insulated sliding doors and windows system of minimal design and high-performance, ideal for modern buildings emphasized on natural illumination.



The next generation of advanced systems for minimal lift & slide and regular sliding doors. It meets the demanding requirements of contemporary residences for high thermal insulation and modern aesthetics.



Modern and flexible thermally-insulated door and window sliding system, with clear design, ideal for renovation solutions, thanks to its ease of fabrication.



Thermally insulated hinged doors and windows system suitable for areas with warm climate and ideal for replacements, offers great level of security and functionality.



Thermally insulated hinged doors and windows system, combines high thermal insulation and performances with flexible manufacturing features and excellent design.


A minimal design thermally insulated hinged doors and windows system of great performance developed with less visible aluminium for maximum natural illumination.